Completed possible final piece, acrylic on A2 cartridge paper, exploring the idea of personal art and the boundaries we put in place to hide real emotions and thoughts. I have darkened the words ‘I DON’T LIKE THEM’, giving it a deeper level of communication and taking longer for the viewer to study my work.


Painting text has been challenging and tiresome but I hope an audience is surprised by the craftsmanship up close as it isn’t immediately identifiable as a painted piece. I am unsure about how I feel about displaying this as I am not sure if the grammar is completely correct and if it will be noticeable, but I like the idea that the words have come straight from my mind, quickly and without scrutiny and then painting so largely and intensely for others to read.





This is the final outcome of the text painting that I have showed the process of previously. I am pleased with the precision in the painting and the text used. It was a challenge to paint the background as well as the writing because I had to keep layering each colour to make the edges neat and correct. However, this further exaggerates the idea of taking something so slight and drawing attention to it in such a large scale. I have enjoyed the process of slowly creating large paintings that depict small thoughts and moments of life.



Private Thought Diary

Brainstorming new ideas, I have decided to take a more personal approach, rather than using other peoples as words to express myself. Here is automatic writing of my thoughts, personal feelings and expression, written overlapping to create privacy and to bring interest to the reader. Like Fiona Banners ‘Point Break’ (https://gracecupper2.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/fiona-banner-break-point-1998/) the words get further apart and more diluted towards the bottom of the page – suggesting boredom or an aching hand, maybe mirroring the attention span of the audience. I have rarely used words so personal to me, but it is something I want to push myself to do.

Pen on Sketch Book Paper

I then experimented with paint and using ironic text – Here the words making the reader confused but intrigued at the point of the art, but also feel uncomfortable at the privacy of the text.

Pen and Acrylic on Sketch Book Paper