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Linking Subject and Field:


Written Reflections:

Recap Field: Things Behind The Sun:



Completed possible final piece, acrylic on A2 cartridge paper, exploring the idea of personal art and the boundaries we put in place to hide real emotions and thoughts. I have darkened the words ‘I DON’T LIKE THEM’, giving it a deeper level of communication and taking longer for the viewer to study my work.


Painting text has been challenging and tiresome but I hope an audience is surprised by the craftsmanship up close as it isn’t immediately identifiable as a painted piece. I am unsure about how I feel about displaying this as I am not sure if the grammar is completely correct and if it will be noticeable, but I like the idea that the words have come straight from my mind, quickly and without scrutiny and then painting so largely and intensely for others to read.




This is the final outcome of the text painting that I have showed the process of previously. I am pleased with the precision in the painting and the text used. It was a challenge to paint the background as well as the writing because I had to keep layering each colour to make the edges neat and correct. However, this further exaggerates the idea of taking something so slight and drawing attention to it in such a large scale. I have enjoyed the process of slowly creating large paintings that depict small thoughts and moments of life.



David Shrigley

David Shrigley is widely knows as an illustrator who uses text and child-like drawings to create humour. He started off in the fine art based field but found he is wasn’t fully appreciated or understood. His work has become more present in books and prints for mainly commercial purposes.

I love the brave use of text that illustrates struggles in life, awkwardness, social situations, unpleasant thoughts and honesty but displayed in a humourous and ironic way. He brings light to uncomfortable topics and uses strange, odd sketches to illustrate and exaggerate them. Also he plainly states unconventional conversations and talks in a child-like, direct way that creates amusement. I hope to involve this sense of honest and pureness in the text I use for my final collection of work. I feel that if art conveys true emotion, thought and expression it is more memorable and thought-provoking.



Sketchbook Collage

Using my sketchbook full of drawings and experiments, the book displayed at the Jacobs Market Exhibition, I have cut out squares from each page to be used in a collage. Here it represents the last 3 months of my experiences, a jumbled timeline of ideas, words, diaries, recordings and portraits. The vast array of styles, focuses and experiences are shown in contrast to each other, but with an organised composition so as not to make any area more eye catching than another. I made this to create a mind-map like piece to represent my recordings of my encounters over time.

A2. Pen, Gouache and Collage on Paper. 

Close up:

Accidental Compositions:

After having cut sections from each page, I found that when pages were laid on top of one another, there were overlapping compositions that really interested me. This accidental outcome from an organised process is really compelling and I love how the vibrant colours contrast to text, portraits and writing combine, representing the disorganised idea of experience.

Poetry As Part Of My Final Pieces

I’ve always had an interest in poetry, and using text in my work has further compelled me to read into writing and literature more deeply and in turn write my own work. I have never written in the style of portraiture until recently, due to this project, and I still feel insecure about how personal it can be. Because of this, I have overlapped poems I have written on ‘Noted’ on my iPhone.

I used my notes as I would record my thoughts as soon as I had them, instant and honest. The use of this app is also recognisable to most people and has a personal feeling to it as it is usually used to record personal ‘to-do lists’, things to remember, notes to self.

Overlapping these poems gives an idea of privacy, secrecy, but also of overhwhelming emotions and thoughts. It also leaves a boundary between the artist and audience, my work still being private on some level.

A few of these show the same poems as others but all have different composition. Two of these also have layered poems that are rotated upside down – again adding that difficulty in knowing what has been written. I really love these experiments but I am still unsure as to whether I want pieces to personal to be displayed on exhibition