Previous Photography that Links to Current Work

These are some images taken previously from 2016, playing around with camera settings to capture moments with an idea of movement within. I think it adds different emotions to certain images – excitement, busyness, a change of position or mood.

First six photo’s taken at home at a hen do, the next ten photo’s take on the Pembroke-shire trip with Uni, and the last two were from home on Christmas day.

My Favourite:

IMG_4239 - Copy
This is a picture of me, mid-point through laughing or speaking. I love how the blurring has captured this and distorted by features Рreminding me of Francis Bacon. It also has a demonic look to it as well as a representation of pure emotion. 

Daily Life Drawings

Blind first hand drawings of people around me, in different positions, with added colour of just on their own. I’ve been enjoying documenting events in my life, things I’ve been watching or drawing certain experiences. These are the kind of drawings I will be developing into Field work and onto the Subject curating project.

16931066_10207913501707382_1328324808_o16931263_10207913501627380_1370843097_o (1)17198839_10207975779704293_2135623634_n17141771_10207975779544289_1784928674_n

Intoxicated Drawings

I’ve created some drawings whilst socialising and drinking alcohol, to use as memories and take in my surroundings. Overlapping figures and use of colour captures the movement of the subjects and the happy mood of the atmosphere.


I am passionate about this way of drawing – half looking at the subject, or not at all, or using continuous line. It obscures the realistic shape of the subject but also has a uncanny likeness to the person I draw.

Life drawing sketches – Using felt tip pens to practice before the Morocco field trip

I have recently been using felt tip pens as I am planning to take them to Morocco to create quick representations and ideas. Although felt tips aren’t very versatile, they are handy to travel around with to create bursts of colour and shapes to study from when I return.

These studies are from imagination and from observation -blind drawing and regular studying. Experimenting with quick sketching and bursts of colour. Adding colour really makes the monochrome fine liner studies seem more bland now and I am excited to see what I produce in Morocco.

Work from my sketchbook:

Landscapes Images Combined with Macro Images

Images of Nature –¬†Contrast between long distant image and close up texture.

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I feel the images above make the audience aware of the small details of nature and plants that we usually don’t focus on, the detailed textures and surface of leaves and rocks etc. Its like delving into the landscape and really seeing it up close.

Images of Natural landscape with close up of Man-made, out of place objects:

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Here, the unnatural parts of the environment are exaggerated – the stark colour and flat texture of plastic and metal contrasting to soft natural environment around it.

I want to go on to explore these contrast in Morocco and around me in every day life for future subject work- maybe looking at damaged parts of landscapes, graffiti and unwanted marks- contrasting with natural and beautiful images.

Comparing similar elements in Macro photography

Collages showing both images with elements from either natural or man-made – position together to either show connection between us and nature or a contrast or range in colour, texture of material.

Skin from the subjects cheek with Sand
Moss from a tree trunk and Sand with raindrop dents in
Cigarette ends and Laces from my shoe
Leaf and the Wooden wall of our villa
Skin and hair from subjects arm with overlapping Twigs
Artificial wall (with raindrops) and Plastic netted material

My favourite is the last image. The colours complement each other, whilst having completely different textures and materials. There is something graceful about the drops of rain and the white of the plastic that makes a piece with great composition and ideas.