Final Review Of How Field Has Influenced My Practice

Over the course of the last six months I feel as though I have developed the most as an artistic individual compared to any other term during the course. This could be due to becoming more confident and sure in my idea through more experience and time studying, but also because of the constant inspiration and drive that being involved in the field projects have brought me. Some times, with so much focus on Subject, I don’t appreciate the way that Field has inspired my work and ideas so it is rewarding to reflect on this aspect of the course and appreciate how much further my work has developed with the experiences I have had.

This year I have focused more on the field projects than I did last year, which in turn gave me more ideas and motivation into the subject practice and my personal interests.  Previously in first year, I found field to be more of a ‘side project’ or an additional requirement, not fully understanding its benefits or taking parts in projects that really fuelled my ideas. However, this year I really found links between subject and field, turned my current interests into newly developed ideas I wouldn’t have before and have become a more experimental and brave person. For example, after choosing my artefact for the ‘Object’ project in first term, I involved my analysis on shape and form from sculpture into my drawings of landscapes that came out of the field project ‘Things Behind The Sun’. Focusing on landscapes as a subject would not usually be a topic I would aim for, but I took the opportunity to visit a new area, and in return really enjoyed learning to record my environments quickly, study my surroundings and take on a new subject matter. Within ‘Things Behind The Sun’ I got the choice to choose a material practice which lead to me experiment with printing which also fed into my subject, making my art have a range of material matter.

I have also learnt how to choose projects that can feed into one another, really choosing topics that not only interest me, but that I might find challenging or completely new to me. Visiting Marrakesh in the second term Field project was very overwhelming and frightening for me in many ways as I have rarely travelled before, and especially with such a contrasting culture it was a shock to me to adjust to the environment. However, I wouldn’t have started using text to represent my experiences following on from then and using chaotic drawings and recordings to express my emotions. I feel that I have developed so far in my work that sometimes I am surprised by the work I am making as I wouldn’t be mature or brave enough to create such conceptual work in the past.

In the third year I am hoping to again take the same experience I have had this year from the Field module and feed it into Subject. Although trying out new subject matters and process has been beneficial, I feel it will be more wise for to me to pick subjects more attuned to my interests rather than choosing challenging or new projects. This will help me to really develop my work to its best level for the end of my degree.



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