Review of Field Project – Morocco

Previously in second year of the course I have looked into landscapes, form, printing and line drawing – inspired by the field project ‘Things Behind The Sun’ which was hugely enjoyable for me and brought out so may more ideas than any project had previously. For the second term I chose Morocco, mainly due to the opportunity to travel abroad, which is rare for me and I have ever done in relation to my art study, but also to be surrounded by such a different culture and atmosphere. The contrast between the cool welsh air by the cliff-side in Pembroke-shire had such a different feel to the humid bustling streets of Morocco. However, whilst I was in Morocco, I mainly focused on pattern, colour and architecture rather than the sense of my experience.

When returning home I focused my art on combining patterns and contrasting between mad-made architecture and natural shapes such as plants or flowers. I found that this felt forced and unnatural and I wanted to be expressive about the overwhelming experience of being in Marrakesh. I would never had focused on the subject I am now if it wasn’t for stepping outside my comfort zone and then trying to represent my experiences in my work. This started with looking at all my line drawings and blind drawings that I have always loved, and recreating them based on memories from Morocco – especially as images weren’t possible to take of people and we were so busy and surrounded by travellers, street-sellers and traffic. This made me thing about memory, emotion and experience – How could I represent it in my work?

Over time I use these thoughts about what it means to be aware and how to represent it, to record and document everything around me. This was through blind drawings – letting me really take in what I was seeing without fret over its appearance – text and written commentary. This has progressed into my work becoming very personal, researching into text-based artists such as Keith Arnatt, Richard Long and Jenny Holzer. I look back and see such a difference in my work from back in February when I was mainly focused on field and still feel shocked, however, I would not have progressed into such brave and confident ideas if it wasn’t for the influence of experiencing Morocco on the field trip.

Although to the outside audience it may seem as though my work doesn’t flow from the Morocco field project into my Subject work, and the same with my subject and field projects from first time, I do see how it has all linked and fed into each other. This was something I found extremely challenging in first year and didn’t achieve that outcome. I have constantly added aspects of each project together this term, using vibrant colours and large overwhelming text and drawings to exaggerate overwhelming emotion – all inspired by the Morocco project.


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