David Shrigley

David Shrigley is widely knows as an illustrator who uses text and child-like drawings to create humour. He started off in the fine art based field but found he is wasn’t fully appreciated or understood. His work has become more present in books and prints for mainly commercial purposes.

I love the brave use of text that illustrates struggles in life, awkwardness, social situations, unpleasant thoughts and honesty but displayed in a humourous and ironic way. He brings light to uncomfortable topics and uses strange, odd sketches to illustrate and exaggerate them. Also he plainly states unconventional conversations and talks in a child-like, direct way that creates amusement. I hope to involve this sense of honest and pureness in the text I use for my final collection of work. I feel that if art conveys true emotion, thought and expression it is more memorable and thought-provoking.




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