Sketchbook Collage

Using my sketchbook full of drawings and experiments, the book displayed at the Jacobs Market Exhibition, I have cut out squares from each page to be used in a collage. Here it represents the last 3 months of my experiences, a jumbled timeline of ideas, words, diaries, recordings and portraits. The vast array of styles, focuses and experiences are shown in contrast to each other, but with an organised composition so as not to make any area more eye catching than another. I made this to create a mind-map like piece to represent my recordings of my encounters over time.

A2. Pen, Gouache and Collage on Paper. 

Close up:

Accidental Compositions:

After having cut sections from each page, I found that when pages were laid on top of one another, there were overlapping compositions that really interested me. This accidental outcome from an organised process is really compelling and I love how the vibrant colours contrast to text, portraits and writing combine, representing the disorganised idea of experience.


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