Poetry As Part Of My Final Pieces

I’ve always had an interest in poetry, and using text in my work has further compelled me to read into writing and literature more deeply and in turn write my own work. I have never written in the style of portraiture until recently, due to this project, and I still feel insecure about how personal it can be. Because of this, I have overlapped poems I have written on ‘Noted’ on my iPhone.

I used my notes as I would record my thoughts as soon as I had them, instant and honest. The use of this app is also recognisable to most people and has a personal feeling to it as it is usually used to record personal ‘to-do lists’, things to remember, notes to self.

Overlapping these poems gives an idea of privacy, secrecy, but also of overhwhelming emotions and thoughts. It also leaves a boundary between the artist and audience, my work still being private on some level.

A few of these show the same poems as others but all have different composition. Two of these also have layered poems that are rotated upside down – again adding that difficulty in knowing what has been written. I really love these experiments but I am still unsure as to whether I want pieces to personal to be displayed on exhibition


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