Layering Process

After a trip to the hospital on Sunday the 21st May because of a heart condition I have, I wanted to create a small collection of works about it as it was quite a big experience for me – not the most fun or interesting but new.

The night I returned home I wrote my first thoughts down, in a style that reads like poetry:

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The next day I painted over in thin layers of blue : the colour representing my mood the last few weeks, which I feel really represents my emotions – as in Van Goghs ‘Blue Series’ which I love. I wanted the text to still be visible, and then to keep layering.

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I wanted to show the process of thoughts in, having the original writing just visible through the paint, but the finalised appearance of it on top. This pays attention to the immediacy of the first piece of text and how I have still involved that in the piece. I used white pen to write over the layers:

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I feel the reader should feel some humour in these pieces but can also relate and feel the confronted by how personal they are.


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