Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth, a famous artist of Conceptual art movement is hugely influential in his written, minimalist and installation work. His ideas evolve around the use of language and text instead of visual imagery and explored the relationship between objects and words that are used to describe them.

His most famous artworks were from the series of One and Three installations (1965). This involved an object, a photograph of the object, and an enlarged photograph of the dictionary definition of it. This explores language and how we process words in relation to their meaning, as well as question what actually is the object – whether the text can be a part of the object too.

Image result for Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs (1965)
One and Three Chairs (1965).
Image result for joseph kosuth one and three
One and Three Frames (1965).

The focus on language and communication really interests me and I am thinking about creating a final piece, or series of pieces, that works with more conceptual, minimal use of text, and plays with the question of what can be considered art, or an object.


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