Musical Expression Through Line

To play with compositions of my work, and to experiment with unpredictability and automats, I listened to music and recording the sounds of the music – the highs and lows of notes, the speed and beat of instruments. I then used this as a foundation to write my thoughts. Below is my first attempt, using different colours to contrast between the shapes of the marks. I tried to write what I was thinking in between the composition – I found this difficult at the time but I like the idea.


I then wanted to extend the shapes of the musical recording – joining each line together through connecting curves, making map-like shapes. This gave it the effect of a map, a diagram or landscape. This reminded me of Peter Davies vibrant grids of colour and text.

I then filled the shapes from top to bottom with quotes from my sketchbook – like a time line of my experience. This works as a personal diary of encounters over the last two months, as well as being a complex map of text – an overwhelming sense of what it means to be alive. After being pleased with this composition, I added text to a previous print in a similar style:

This involves a lino print of my stolen objects, surrounded and mapped with text about the experience and the items taken. 

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