Doodling Surroundings

Whilst struggling to determine a particular style or focus in my current back, I resorted back to an old way of drawing I used to do: automatism, doodling and half-blind studies. Earlier posts from the summer of First Year:

The first study I only looked at the page, taking in mainly the closest focal point, but also my peripheral vision. This only leaving blocks of colour and strong lines. These rough studies with edges of colour give an idea of what it is like it be present in an environment and take it in without analysing each detail

Representation of my surroundings whilst only looking at the sketchbook page.

The second study was blind in the sense I only looked at the room, not the sketch book page. This means I can see my reflection in the mirror, but also the top of my knees as shown previously. It is interesting comparing both these positions and how the bedroom looks in each outcome.

Blind drawing of my surroundings without looking at the page.
Drawings side by side on sketchbook page.

I am thinking about collaging text recordings, drawings like these, blind drawings and other events all together to create a multi-media, mixed focus piece of my overall experiences.


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