Recently, on Tuesday the 2nd of may, after the exhibition at Jacobs Market, my bag with many of belongings was stolen. This included a sketchbook, my entire purse, my favourite drawing pens, house keys , sunglasses and more. It left me with feelings of insecurity, anger, resentment towards my own carelessness and being out of control. Each day I have had difficulty doing the every day thing – using my student card, being able to access money, using materials, whilst needing to sort out replacing my belongings. I also lost some items very personal to me – key rings, the bag itself and my drawings – making me feel lost myself and becoming aware of how materialistic I can be. I have made some sketchbook work on these ideas.

Brainstorming of thoughts – Listening stolen items and drawings of them.
Continuous line drawing of objects with a small poem-like phrase. 
Poem about the event- Planning on developing this much further into text and image pieces as well as prints. 
Left handed poem, expressing my emotions through the unstable and out of control movement of my left hand. Representing insecurity and uncertainty I was feeling.
Full piece with a neatly drawn explanation below.
Brain storm playful drawing of events.



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