Printing Development – Stolen

Using the printing studio, I have tried to develop my work in a different medium – using roughly made mono-prints to express my feelings and bring attention to the text.

Original Poem – drawing onto paper placed over an inked sheet. This came out over inked with blotches as I am out of practice but I still like the affect.
Retried Poem. A little neater in appearance and definitely getting somewhere. I found it difficult to write backwards to try and get the text write, however I feel like the unsteady lines link to the use of my left hand and the instability of my emotions.
Here I have tried to drawing the objects right onto the inked sheet and then print it. Again it came out wobbly and over inked due to a lack of practice.
2nd tryout of this process.
Reversed composition, drawing onto the painting to print the ink. Slightly improving each time but still a long way to go with practice. I decided that a lino print would be neater and more clear, as well as being easily ready to print over and over and experiment with ideas and composition.
Hand -pressed print of a lino I carved. Without using a machine it made a doubling affect, but I like the unsure composition and oddness of the multiple images so I printed again:
2nd attempt. Here I discovered that I needed to carve away excess lino that was leaving an imprint in the background. I really enjoyed this slow development of work and playing around with the process.
Combination of both kinds of mono-printing – combination of white and black lines and overlapping text and image. This creates a sense of uncertainty and interest in the drawings. 
Lino printed onto previously made mono-print – combination between block colours and line words.
Re-printed lino block to try to get a neat print. 

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