Exhibition at Jacobs Market

At the exhibition space I used a small area of wall to display my paper pieces on the wall, with sketchbook work below. I wanted the audience to first look at the displayed work which was at eye level, move along the pieces in the diagonal composition, and then study my sketch books.

Image of the overall display.

I lent one of my uncompleted sketchbook open against the wall, allowing the viewer to look through themselves – involving them with in my art and feeling a personal connection to my own art and thoughts.In front of this is a small book I comprised of several small redrawn simple sketches, less personal but also showing a contrast to the sketchbook. I am proud of the final appearance and feel it really expresses my thought process and ideas to the audience without too much confusion, but with a sense of interest and questioning. I also wanted to use different ways of displaying work and using the space given, to play around with the perspective on the drawings and having different levels of position.

Sketchbook display on white plinth.

I named this selection of work ‘Making the Insignificant Significant.’ It was difficult to sum up my ideas in one phrase but I wanted the audience to see that I am bringing attention to the everyday life, but also using sketchbooks to give a personal and rough feel.

Exhibition Label.

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