Christopher Wool – Text Paintings

Christopher Wool is an artist who was born in 1995 in Illinois. He is best known for his large block painted black lettered paintings, but also works with printing, spray paint and silk printing.

Untitled, 1997
Untitled, 1990, Enamel paint on aluminium
Untitled, 1992 
Apocalypse Now, 1992

The reason Wool is interesting to me is his use of overflowing text, the way the letters do not follow the structure of the words and so there is disruption when the audience reads the text. This links to my text pieces of conversation when there is little or no gap between sentences, and words carry on to the next line. With Wools’ painting it gives them an edge of urgency and really makes the words strong, as the difficulty in reading makes the reader go over it many times to make sense of the art. The words used also have a kind of humour and oddness to them, made more pronounce by the large block lettering in black.



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