Joseph Grigely

Joseph Grigely is an artist who became deaf at the age of 10, who explores language and the representation of every day life. He has also worked from memory about his love of music as a child and recreated these ideas as an adult. Because of hearing difficulties, when he cant understand conversation by lip reading, he will write notes to the person he is in conversation with or to communicate words or ideas. He then displays these as art pieces in gallery and installation areas. This explores the differences between speech and writing, and reading and listening. I find the simple text and notes made not for art but for ease of communication interesting when made into individual or collective pieces of art in a gallery setting. I find some of these comical, but also express the way in which people may transfer speech to each other and the difficulty in this for the artist.

I am question what text I use in my art – whether its personal to me, random, unknownly recorded by the speaker, made by myself or other ways of recording. Here Grigley displays work that would

‘Multiples’ (2000-2001)


Thirteen Untitled Conversations, 2002, ink and pencil on paper.
Ten Untitled Converations, 2004, ink and pencil on paper.

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