Richard Long

Richard long is widely recognised for his photography, sculptures and text works. He explains his work as ‘Simple creative acts of walking and marking
about place, locality, time, distance and measurement.’ He manipulates landscapes  into what manifests as a combination between sculpture and painting and photographs it, as well as documenting journeys with text. I am interested in the way he uses text on its own to explain things without any use of image.

Examples of explanatory text work of his travels:

This is the first piece of Richard Longs’ I was introduced to and it will stay one of my favourites. 
This piece is kind of poetic, playing with the words to rhyme and fit. Here he involves himself with the environment. 


Here he links places to metaphors, as if liking surroundings and landscapes to emotions. 


This is one of my favourite pieces. Sharp, individual words to explain an experience or surroundings. The phrase ‘THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS’ really becoming prominent amongst all the natural words explaining the landscape. 


I love the way his descriptions give the reader a full idea of the journey and his manipulation of the environment – no need for image at all. He also uses different colour schemes to add to the subject matter – walking, water, sea etc. I love how he takes water from one place, and leaves it at another – making a mark in the landscape, involving himself within it – and then records this.

Sculptural Text Pieces:


Here he sculpts words cleverly into shapes, making the reader have to really connect with the words and try to read and decipher what they mean.


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