Keith Arnatt: Notes from Jo (1990-1994)

Keith Arnatt, an artist who mainly focuses on photography, but also plays with the concept of what it means to be an artist and with text and documentation. I discovered these notes, written by his wife, which were blown up and displayed in a gallery space, completely out of context. They feel extremely personal, comical, and honest. I feel they represent real life, real people and speech.

These contrast to Lily Van Der Stokkers’ work on feminism and text used to tell women what to do, as these notes are powerful and strong in orders from the artists wife to the artist. They really feel relatable and honest, representing a relationship and daily life. I feel like it links so strongly to my work with the use of unfiltered speech, not meant for art, but used anyway. This is similar to how I’ve been documenting the things people say without thinking anyone’s listening.


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