Sketchbook Pen Work

Whilst in Devon I wanted to keep making work, but without much space or paint available I had to choose materials that suited. I wanted to work bigger so I’ve used an A3 sketch pad and block marker pens to created these pieces, using already created text and drawings from the last week.

‘Family Words’ made on 18.03.17 and based on that day. Involves drawings and texts, with the date and place of when I recorded them.
‘Jump’. Made on 18.03.17 based on the 15th March – Jonnys’ birthday – based on the events of the night and pieces recorded whilst there. Also involved the places we visited and the date. 

Ink bleeding through the paper:

I actually really love how there is a print on the overturned paper, and dots made from the marker pens bleeding through onto the next page. Seeing the text backwards also has a confusing and interesting affect.


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