‘Listening’ 18.03.17 Devon

Whilst visiting home at the weekend I created this piece whilst my family were playing games and having conversation on a Saturday night. I was feeling distant and unattached to the events so I decided to create a piece where I recorded everyone around me. This involved me in the activities without physically or mentally being sociable. I didn’t intend this to be a piece that is read – I think when a viewer looks at it it seems overwhelming to read and difficult, and maybe this relates to how I felt in the social situation.

Written Piece on the words spoken around me whilst visiting home. An insight into listening into the world around me. Saturday 18th March 10pm. 

Close Up:

Its interesting how the conversations overlap or stop as I try to record everything. You can also see the writing getting messier and less neat near the end of the page as my hand gets tired – kind of like the reader getting bored of reading the text. 

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