Lily Van Der Stokkers’ Installations

Lily Van Der Stokker is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam who is known for naive, childlike and unashamed drawings and installations. I first discovered her whilst researching  into site-specific work and art created using walls of a gallery. She shows some ideas on feminism which she calls ‘nonshouting feminism’, as well as relationships, the everyday, love, family, beauty and innocence.

‘Hammer Projects’:

Painted Wall Installation at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. It is clear she selected this space so the audience will use the stairs and their eyes will follow to words of the artwork around the walls. 
Closer view of back wall. I see views of feminism and ironic yet true expectations of women in the text – yet it is written childlike and doodly. There is a mixture between playful and serious. 

‘The Complaints Club’:

Acrylic Paint on Wall. Installation at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2015. 


Acrylic Paint on Wall and Mixed Media. Installation at Koenig & Clinton, New York, 2014. 
This is an example of how she uses every day phrases we use in society, polite words, and emphasises them – ‘Best regards’ – in a mocking, playful way. 

I like how she uses the walls of the gallery to portray her work – as a child might draw on walls in crayon playfully or naughtily. This is then exaggerated when she places objects or sculptural work near it, the 2D contrasting with the physical, 3D artefacts, but both aesthetically working together at the same time. I feel that the audience who view the work in personal would be overwhelmed and close to the work, it being part of the building around them. I want to use the walls of the space when I exhibit, and if I cant I will use canvas or paper to cover the walls, but still give off this aspect. Also, if I display a sketchbook with the wall art, it has a contrast between the wall space and a physical object, similar to Stokkers’ work above.

Examples of Text Based Work:

I really relate to her text work and I love it. Simple sentences recreated in painting to give off a personal yet odd feeling. The words made innocent by the childlike drawings and colours.


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