‘Diary’ 21.03.17 Studio

This is another written piece where I decided to write constantly and without much thought about my work and plans for it. It works as a kind of explanation and a proposal of my art and my analysis of it. It seems personal, like a diary, and blurted out onto paper. Again, I don’t see this as a piece of work for an audience to read fully but as a representation of my thoughts and the constant ideas or words in my mind.

Written in the Studios, 21st March 4.30pm. Constant writing and analysis of work. Made to be a part of but separate to current work.

Close up:


This piece and the previous one ‘Listening’ remind me of Fiona Banners ‘Break Point’ – the large text based painting on canvas based on a film. They are all overwhelming in sense of difficulty in reading the text and the overall appearance.


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