Beyond Reason: Art and Psychosis

I have been reading this book and found some interesting art created by patients in Mental Institutes/Hospitals which were recorded by Hans Prinzhorn – a German psychiatrist and art historian.


Arthur F.Beckers’ beautiful, soft pencil drawings, depicting what seems to be dreams or visions:

Joseph Heinrich Grebings’ repetitive text piece that seems indistinguishable and neurotic in sense of the text over and over. He was diagnosed with ‘dementia praecox’ which is the old word used medically for the illness Schizophrenia.

17352888_10208048282076807_505463617_n17274697_10208048282036806_317380047_n17310794_10208048282116808_357525442_oClose up:17351285_10208048282316813_285567387_n

Emma Hauck, also with Schizophrenia, wrote these repetitive scribbled text in an effort to write to her husband. I find them sad yet moving, also clearly showing the illness in her in the way the way the text overlaps and is unrecognisable in meaning.

17321455_10208048282916828_225117887_n17351257_10208048282716823_1227872682_nClose up:17274303_10208048283036831_79544943_n17273931_10208048282996830_1453744200_o17351345_10208048283276837_863474557_n17311577_10208048283236836_544981191_oClose up:17327832_10208048283316838_790503818_n


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