Key Concept – Exhibition

In this recent lecture, we looked at the history of exhibition and how it is a public event – therefore becoming a social ritual – and can also educate and inspire. It also says – ‘the viewer (the other) is part of the exhibition from the start.’ which interests me as I find interactive art or installation art – which makes the audience involved in the art – really inspiring.

‘How does an exhibition handle information?

  • -Like a Dictionary?
  • -Like a Map?
  • -Like a Magazine?’        

I think this is up to the interpretation of the artist of the viewer. I want my art to read like a private diary/sketchbook, spread across the gallery wall. Personal, private, but viewed openly by an audience. But, the part  that would really involve an audience would be a sketchbook separate, to look through, to hold and feel. A solid object as part of exhibition, to bring intrigue to the audience and lead them to physically view some of my work.


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