New Studio Wall Experiment

I recently decided to expand on my sketchbook blind drawings and texts into larger scale. After loving Diana Coopers art and her automatic drawings that use the gallery/wall space I wanted to do the same. I used acrylic paint to create the text. I wanted to create text in a stronger material than pen, but it was very difficult and time consuming. However, I like the process of turning something done quickly and imprecisely into something permanent and  complete.

The first main sentences:17274663_10208047315332639_29551418_n

The finished work with line drawings that link to the texts written originally:17351296_10208047315852652_1973845784_n

Close ups:

I find the sentence I chose powerful – some may seem confusing to be painted on a wall, making the word make the audience think. Others, could be every day sentences which then become relatable with the audience. I like how I’ve kept the subject who spoke the word drawn next to the text.

Studio space image to show scale:


I plan to keep adding to this piece to expand across the whole wall from the top to bottom, maybe using more colour and texts and blind drawing from Marrakesh to involve experiences from the the Field project too.


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