Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner is known for hi text and sight specific work, text expressed in materials ranging from audio, books, posters, video, carved objects, tattoo, graffiti, lyrics and spoken word. His work can be seen on walls, windows, galleries, public spaces and in books. This is a piece of text that explains his inspiration:

“I didn’t have the advantage of a middle-class perspective. Art was something else; art was the notations on the wall, or the messages left by other people. I grew up in a city where I had read the walls; I still read the walls. I love to put work of mine out on the walls and let people read it. Some will remember it and then somebody else comes along and puts something else over it. It becomes archaeology rather than history.”

Examples of work:

Image result for lawrence weiner artwork
‘Bits & Pieces Put Together To Present a Semblance Of A Whole’ (1991) Installed on Southeast Terrace  Wall Along Hennepin Avenue in 2003. Material: Anodised Alluminium
Related image
Image result for To See and Be Seen
‘To See And Be Seen’ (1972)

I feel his work engages the audience and he plans his work to specifically be placed in different spaced rooms or outside areas to pull in the audience and add to the words.

He also seems to make art through a set of rule that he believes defines what art is:

1. The artist may construct the piece.

2. The piece may be fabricated.

3. The piece need not be built.

I am interested in this process – setting rules or actions to create a piece. Right now in my work I have a lot of text and images to work from and need to organise an appropriate way to create art out of them.

Weiner also made his first book called ‘Statements’ (1968) containing 24 typewritten descriptions of works. They seems to explain a movement or seem to give an order to the reader – similar to Yoko Ono’s work. This is a link to a PDF of the book:



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