Fiona Banner – Break Point 1998

Fiona Banner uses work to create what she call ‘wordscapes’ which recount the plots and narrative from feature films and other events. (Similar to my texts written whilst watching shows or listening to people).

Breaking Point is a large painting consisting of sixty-six rows of red text written horizontally on a white background. This piece describes a car chase from the film ‘Point Break’ (1991). Banner plays with text and verbal communication, making the audience read the text slowly and painstakingly rather than watching the action scene it is based on.

Breaking Point. Marker Pen and Acrylic on Canvas. 1998

There’s something about the way the text gets closer together as the piece goes on as if the artist is getting tired of writing and is slowing down on the precision of the text. It also represents maybe the loss of concentration of the reader on the narrative.


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