Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer has been known for creating art using text to put out her ideas, sorrows, thoughts, opinions and statement for the last 35 year through projections in international galleries and outside spaces. Her words are brave and combine or challenge violence with kindness, emotion and humour. My favourite work of hers i her ‘Inflammatory Essays’ where even the title describes the strongly written powerful word blurted onto paper.

Inflammatory Essays:

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[no title] One of 15 from her Inflammatory Essay series (1979-82)
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[no title] One of 15 from her Inflammatory Essay series (1979-82)


Prints on Paper 1977-9
Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1978
Truisms 1978

I like the ‘Truism’ series as the listed phrases are similar to my written text taken from conversation and put next to each other to be read as statements separate, yet involved, with each other.


Buenos Aires (2000)
Buenos Aires (2000)
Washington (2007)

This work is a good example of sight specific work and using the natural or man-made environment within art work. Projected onto city walls or space will catch walkers by and grab their attention – interrupting daily life with potent, powerful phrase and ideas.


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