Gallery Visit – Bacon to Doig

Yesterday I visited The National Museum Cardiff to see the recent exhibition ‘Bacon to Doig’ – mainly because of my interest in Francis Bacons’ work as my recent photography reminds me of his distorted paintings, but also to experience the gallery and take notes.

There wasn’t any cameras allowed, so instead of taking imagesof the art that interested me I described it in words that came subconsciously to me. Is this a better way to describe art than a photo? Can my text really add to or explain the art well? These are things I’m exploring.

I am not going to display the original art as I want my work to be a separate entity to the artists – my interpretational text that works alongside a piece of art. Also, taken out of context, the art I was looking at could be anything and that’s one of the main points – the imagination of the viewer.


(There are a few spelling mistakes or badly written words but I prefer to keep my text natural to how I first write it)


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