Further Photography – Light and Movement

More experimental self-portraits, portraits, and landscapes looking at movement of the subject and light patters. This is just another form of documenting my surroundings and experiences. Some show my current emotion, others walking to a friends and more capturing friends around me and them doing their own thing.

What I really think I got from this was the way the camera affect has caught light in my surroundings and it had made patterns with the movement of the camera. Each image is unpredictable and unique, this spontaneity means each one could never be made again the same. Just as the words that I have been writing down will only happen once, and all these things add to the thousands of experiences I have throughout my day, week, month, year. I am maybe considering painting/drawings the patterns and colours made from light and involving them somehow in my drawings and text, or to even just project/print the images, to get a multi-media, overwhelming experience.


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