Recent Trip Recordings

Last night I stayed away in a house with my family and I wanted to record the experience visually. There was no paper so I found an old piece of newspaper to write on. Here I created drawings and snippets of conversation I could get down. Using paper from the environment adds a sense of place to the work:

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I also found this menu folded up, discarded at a restaurant which I have collected to record some of the writings from it:

I then re-wrote all the pieces of text that intrigued me and re-drawing the blind drawings to reflect clearly:

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I also cut out words from the newspaper to see how they’re perceived next to the figurative line drawings. I have outlined words that intrigue me and could stand out – if made on a larger scale I would exaggerate these words to make the audience question the meaning.

I also took pictures of a few patterns I liked to maybe add colour or pattern to my work – following on and involving the work based on the Morocco trip.

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