Paper Auction Submissions

I’ve created two small pieces (A5) for the Paper Auction that is being held to raise money for the 3rd Year Degree Show. It was a good way to give me motivation into developing work.

Drawings recreated from my sketch book made whilst watching ‘The Edge Of Seventeen’. Also involving my own ideas on my work and words from Morocco. Felt Tip and Fine Liner on A5 Paper.
Based on a conversation with a friend about a recent assessment. Involving my emotions on my work and self as well as things said that I have recorded. Felt Tip and Fine Liner On A5 Paper.

I’m really proud of these pieces and feel they have strong compositions and balance between colour, text and the blank page. I like the combination of large text and small, hard to read text that follow some lines or fill the coloured boxes – making the viewer have to lean in to read it; involving the audience in the work.

I’ve had little experience with my work being in public spaces but I feel having small details and words on all-ready small paper will really bring the viewer towards my work.


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