Involving Morocco and Home Experiences into Drawing

To start this process in preparation for exhibition ideas I put all the drawings and text I’m interested in together to use as a focal point.


Some of these blind drawings are from before morocco but are important to me and carry memories from the subjects from within them:

I started to drawing whilst looking at these drawings – kind of creating blind-blind drawings, whilst also writing out memories from the time they were drawn – dates, location, emotions.


I wanted to involve a few little shapes of pattern from Morocco next:


I really like this work and am enjoying it a lot more than previous detailed painting as it is coming from deep within, reflecting on memories, events, my feelings and the people around me. I want to repeat over and over these kind of representations over a whole room as an exhibition space. This would work as a kind of drawn diary over time, a personal look in my interpretations as an artist.

I’ve also become interested in text and personal experience as you can see, from listening to videos from the trip and recording from them. This is where my work is now heading in all aspects:


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