Hanging Fabric Mixed-Media Piece

With a found bit of fabric, I wanted to use already designed patterns in my work, with my own remembered and explored patterns along side it. I hung up the fabric spread loosely, unlike a canvas, as I wanted it to have the feel of a Moroccan wall hanging or rug.

I first of all cut out shapes from these textures I created previously to add even more layers of pattern – then stuck them only the fabric:

I also used spray paint to add random patterns that have stuck with me throughout all my work. Close ups of this:


I also used wire mesh to spray paint over to create ever more diverse patterns. Incorporating these found objects withinmy work adds more depth and unpredictability which I’ve really enjoyed.

To finish this piece of work I used the dripping paint technique used before to recreate this blind drawing from the blind school:


Finished Artwork:


I am actually very pleased with the effect of the finished pieces. The way the fabric hangs delicately from the wall contrasting with the harsh black lines of the blind drawings, with the planned patterns painted in acrylic. This piece involves fabric, oil paint, acrylic paint, spray paint and glue and acrylic mix. I feel it gives off the atmosphere of Morocco and if it was to surround a gallery space I feel the audience would capture this emotion too.


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