Adding Figure To A Previous Painting

Wanting to add further texture and diversity to the previous, quite flat painting, I used a blind continuous line drawing to cover the patterns painted underneath:  

Using a mixture of acrylic paint, multipurpose glue and water, I freely poured the material over the paper to recreate the drawing. The lack of control and sense of movement represents the original drawing I created in Morocco. 

I found this process difficult; going over a detailed painting that took time and patience with something unpredictable. But, I felt this was important. It links to the idea of graffiti and of doing something wrong or risky – as I was interesting in the graffiti found in Morocco – designs created from within freely and expressively alongside detailed, intricate design. This is what this piece represents. 

I want to start to develop my work more into these automatic and blind drawings of people around me to represent my experiences and I enjoy working with the materials in which to create them. I want to research in to Jackson Pollocks work and into the subconscious mind and drip painting. 




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