Developing Painting Based on Light Patterns

This is a drawing I made from memory using light and shadow patterns created through architecture and Morocco designs. I wanted the effect of overlapping shapes in different directions, shapes and sizes.


I started the painting using the common colour I’ve been using from Morocco – this blood orange-pink colour that really takes me back to the experience there. The yellow is the shadows created from people standing in the sun:


As I develop the painting, I have been overlapping more shapes to add more boundaries between patterns and colours, creating a collage out of a painting.


Tile pattern added with a wash of a darker tone. I wanted the colour to be just a shade darker to the background colour like a screen of colour over the piece. These are things I have been thinking about after researching Rauschenbergs’ work:

The washes of paint or layers of material add a complexity and a sense of trying to express may things in one piece of work. I like the drips of paint that clash with the blocks of red and figurative aspects too.


Two more layers of patterns added – not entirely accurate to the original but going with the flow of the painting. Making areas darker where colours over lap – constantly thinking about composition and how to involved so many contrasting sections into a piece that works.

17105787_10207954923942912_779240510_o.jpgTouches of red strokes created from light through slits in walling. I also exaggerated the shadows made by people by creating a wash of yellow over the blue shape to further exaggerated its involvement.


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