Layering and Texture – Sigmar Polke

I want to develop my work from flat acrylic paintings to involving fabric and oil paints, similar to Polkes’ various layers of different designs. The shapes of objects with the blocks of colour combined with the polka dot themes give the atmosphere I want in my work. I recently found some fabric that I might collage into patterns and use oil paint to create more texture over the top. Also, I want to involve the blind drawings I created at the Blind School visit in Marrakesh to involve not just pattern and colour but figure too. I want fluidity and spontaneous lines to cross over the use of collage.


I’ve always had a passion for figure drawing working with human subject and watching people in daily life and creating rough sketches.

These three drawings mean a lot to me from my trip as I had little time to draw people, and without being able to take photographs of the residence or intrude in peoples privacy this was my only chance to create sketches. I also had to be quick and thorough, making them true to my subconscious and natural style of drawing.  I want to involve these in my work otherwise I feel my work wont be a true representation of my experiences and my interests.

Polk’s Piece of Interest:

Image result for sigmar polke



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