Sigmar Polke

Sigmar Polke’s artwork is known for the use of unconventional ideas and he focuses on the dialogue between himself and the viewer. He challenges ideas of individuality in art work and often uses other peoples art within his own. What I’m interested in is his use of materials and his mixed media collaged work. He sometimes works on printed fabric or transparent materials instead of canvas, and the subject tends to be ideas from everyday life or people, fairy tales, history or myths.

Polke’s art that I like:

Image result for sigmar polke mixed media

Image result for sigmar polke chocolate painting
Alice in Wonderland (1971). This piece reall resonated with me, with the use of wallpaperstyle sections, with drawings overlaying them. Addig complexity and diversity, a sense of layering that means you have to look through parts to see the under layer of work.

I am thinking of may be using already printed patterns material in my work, to add to my own drawings, as well as line sketches and painting.


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