Robert Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg is known for his revolution in the Pop Art movement and his link to abstract expressionism. Using paint, sculpture, photography, printmaking, papermaking and performance, his work involved highly complex combinations of material.

What intrigues me is this awareness of layers and depth, the craft put into the work with the thick layers of paint or washes of colour over material. The combination of translucent layers and block colours.

I think Rauschenberg tries to create a whole picture which shows many ideas or tries to represent life around us as it is in just one image – achieved with collages involving images of figure, thick textures, paint and text. I would like to try and fill the whole space with colour or image, to really grab attention.

Robert Rauschenberg, Charlene, 1954, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Charlene (1954)
Image result for Retroactive I
Retroactice I
Image result for Factum I
Factum 1

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