Mixed-Media on Paper

I have been wanting to incorporate the idea of a journey into my work, as the main purpose of my work is to represent my travels and experiences in Marrakesh. Also, I have been working from video, which have moved along my surroundings from the window of a vehicle in one long strip of image. So here, I have used an extended piece of paper which I moved from top to bottom to create.

First layer using felt tip pens. The second layer is made with thin layers of gouache.

The idea of translucent layers will be prominent in my work – adding a kind of screen that obscures the image behind. This idea of it being hard to get to and boundaries between things.

Close up sections that I feel have good composition:

I then printed over the whole piece using using corrugated card, painting the strips of protruding material and then pressing it into the work. The act of this was challenging, a fear of ruining my work and covering up the effort I put into it. However, I wanted add another layer to create an idea of depth, chaos and less visibility.


Developed close up sections:

The lines created are uneven, barely visible in some places and wet with paint in others, but this is an aspect I wanted. The imperfectness of the mosaic, architecture and design in Moroccan art is really interesting, especially how perfect and detailed the appearance is from afar.


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