Ideas for Exhibition – Disruption and Complexity

I have been thinking about the way in which my work could be involved in a gallery space and how I would want the audience to view it. Looking into installation, I have been interesting in the way space can be used to bring ideas to the work and to create an atmosphere to the viewers. The way art can surround the subject – displayed covering the walls, or suspended into the space –  is an aspect that I think would suit my work well.

I want my audience to be involved in the art in some way – maybe walking through the display or having to move into position to view it in the right way. I have been thinking about the hanging plastic doors that open through gaps in the strips – used in abattoirs or swimming pool etc – that are difficult to push through. This idea of having to force the way through something reminds me of the stress of being in Marrakesh, the crowded streets and hagglers. The constant disruption of people around you when walking the streets or out for a meal.

I have never experimented with installation before and I think it will be challenging but will really make me question how I want the audience to view and experience my work. These are just brief thoughts and ideas but may change as my work develops.


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