Photography from Marrakesh

Whilst in Morocco I wanted to create image experiments by altering the shutter speed on my camera. I found we were always moving and on the go -not allowed to take pictures of the residents, and there for these represent the act of moving around and of taking rushed images.

I discovered some of these photographs seem to act as paintings in their own right as if smudged on a canvas. The affect of light also create now forms and ideas of new objects or representations.

My favourite images:

This piece was taken whilst in a car travelling to the Atlas Mountains. The building and red ground that blurs across the image creates a body of movement-  the idea of flowing water and motion. The way it has created a new form, something which seems to carry life, really fascinated me.
This image was taken on the same journey. The structured building is also creating a blurred representation but is caught more clearly. There is a contrast between the strong sharp exterior of the building and the soft green and brown tones of the landscape above. Also, the two separate parts of the image seem to move in different directions – further exaggerating the chaotic movement.
This photograph is taken on the roof of a place that produces argon oil in the Atlas Mountains. It involves a figure, where the over exposure of the sky removes the image of the face. I feel this piece as a whole represents my trip to morocco – the blur surrounding the figure represents the constantly moving city, of people constantly moving around you. The face removed takes away the identity and clarity of the subject – representing the feeling of being lost, of being hassled and of being in a new place.

I am interesting in developing these images into paintings or into installation style work. I feel involving these images with text or drawings based on my memories will represent my trip to an audience well – a more personal approach to my own experiences.


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