Pattern Experiments

I have found some mesh-like material that I thought would be interesting to make patterns from. Here is my first experience- not using any particular rules of colour or ideas on what composition I wanted – where I dabbed a paint brush over the material, at different angles, to create patterns.


I then created another using circular stickers under the paint to be peeled off to make alternative shapes-as well as painting block shapes within the mesh imprints. This adds a sense of collage and layering. I feel this really has a sense of chaos and complexity.


Using the mesh to print an alternative pattern:


For this, I used the colour and pattern left on the mesh to print with by rubbing over the material. It was interesting to see two different affects created with one object.

I found these experiments really interesting, the unpredictability of the paint left on the mesh – creating marks and shapes around the paper – and the contrast between control and letting thing happen by themselves.



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