Mixed Media Collage

I recently made this collage using various materials and paint to create a mixed media piece of work. I started off the process by painting blocks of colour found in my images and drawings, and recreated similar shapes to the first canvas painting I did. I used tissue paper to add a varied texture, and acetate to create translucent layers.I wanted to experiment with the affect of painting onto different materials. I also used colours card to recreate shapes and patterns from previous work. The act of designing from memory and based on my own drawings was really good in creating new ideas and compositions.

Step by Step Process:

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Finished Piece:


I wanted to end up with a piece that has contrasting colours and designs, geometrical aspects and layers of different image to create a vibrant piece full of energy. I feel the colours really have produced the feelings I wanted to achieve – The hot sun, warm colours and patterns in Morocco. I do think with more practice and time it could do with more craft and skill, which Is something I want to work on.


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