Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper is a mixed media artists who combines drawing, painting, sculpture and installation in her work. Her pieces show layers on intricate, drawings a shapes to create vibrant, visually stimulating work. She says: “It was drawing, or I should say “doodling,” that facilitated the transition from an impersonal to a more personal form of expression. For me, doodling is simultaneously a process and an image. Doodling is a visual way of thinking or of tracing one’s thoughts.”

I have been thinking about how a lot of my drawing and painting recently has been mainly from memory, of patterns and colours that have stuck with me, and I have bee making things automatically and from my subconscious. I have always had an interest in automatic drawing and shapes drawn without precision or perfection.

Cooper bases her work on things she sees but also thoughts and ideas: “Some concern the inner workings of the mind – the impulses to play, to invent, and to change. Others have to do with systems and patterns that possess an endless labyrinthine complexity – for example, the visual display of quantitative information”

The Multicolor One, 1997-98. (acrylic, felt tip markers, felt, acetate, paper, pipe cleaners and pom pons on canvas, wall and floor.)
Trevling the exospher,2000-2002. (felt tip marker, ink, acrylic, felt, foam core and acetate on canvas)
Fun, 1999. (felt tip marker, aluminium tape and acrylic on paper.)

I am thinking about creating pieces that follow the same ideas as this artists, looking less at accuracy and copies of images and patterns, and focusing on visual experience and memory. Also the mixed media is something I want to carrying on using.


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