‘Gas Giant’- Jacob Hashimoto

I have discovered an installation created by Jacob Hashimoto that has really fascinated me and is inspiring my work. This gallery piece involves ‘kite’-like sculptures collaged together to create a powerful installation that fills the massive space. The lower ground of the gallery shows the paper sheets in monochrome, whereas higher up to the 1st floor the work becomes vibrant and colourful. This emphasises the verticality of the gallery and plays with depth and space. It also shows a contrast between the feeling of black and white surroundings and the effects of colour; as well as pulling the viewing towards to height of the piece to admire the vibrancy.

Lower level view:

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Higher level view:


YouTube Video

Involving painting and collage techniques, Hashimoto’s work explores landscape and abstraction through repetition, contrasting colour and simple shapes and textures that create vast layers of complexity. I feel as if he wants to make the audience feel overwhelmed but also involved in the installation. The static kites follow in procession as if in steps to lead the eyes through the piece, the groups of repeated shapes give off the idea of clouds- making me think of a make-believe world, of the sky- pixelated and static. It is as if it represents a landscape in motion but is frozen in time to create this installation that seems to hold energy and excitement.


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