Video Recordings Taken in Morocco

Whilst in Marrakesh I took video recordings of things around to use as memories and inspiration for future work. These were mainly taken from the window of a coach whilst travelling around – I found this captured the whole experience, colours and pattern around, as well as the film portraying the journeys I took.

Further Videos:

Some of these videos has the tour guide talking in the background. I find the narration of the places we visited and facts about Morocco spoken in a French accent really adds to the experience of watching the video. I am thinking about using video alongside the art I’ve made in the optional exhibition coming up. This is a screenshot of a compilation of two videos I used in Pecha Kucha Powerpoint for my Formative Assessment. I chose these two contrasting videos to represent my trip – one showing me travelling through the town, and another are my feet walking along a tiled palace floor. This combination of videos really creates the atmosphere I want – busy, chaotic, colourful, contrasting, foreign. They both move in different directions to another – my feet moving around the path makes the pattern swivel and turn whilst the other video moves along the street. This may create confusion or overpowering feelings when watched by an audience.



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