Image Collaging Inspired by Marrakesh

After creating collaged drawings and images, I wanted to overlap some of the photographs from the Morocco field trip to create new complex and exploratory images. Using an online photo editor I have played with layers of images, editing colour, brightness and opacity, to make parts stand out or move into the distance.

These pieces include text/imagery – some combining natural patterns of plants and symbols with texts found on walls or graffiti – others combine man-made, crafted decorative patterns with man-made designed texts or images found on the walls of Bahia Palace – both thought out and created for a purpose, but hugely contrasting in essence.

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Patterns of nature with patterns of mosaic tiling used for decoration – sometimes portraying representations of plants or flowers. Similar to drawings I made in Morocco, this shows to contrast between the real appearance of the plants, and the stylised symbols used in tiles to represent them.

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Light patterns combined with man-made architecture or design. I love the complex or simple shapes made by the sunlight, usually as a result from the patterned walls that have details holes that let light through. I like the faded soft affect of the light patter, as if burned onto the image. I’d like to try to express this through painting, maybe with spray paint.

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