Acrylic Paintings Inspired By Image Collages

Painting inspired by this image:


I wanted to use this image as it combines light patterns with sharp architectural and tile design. I started painting a soft layer of paint to loosely represent the back wall – the darker parks created by shadow. I then used spray paint to create the crosshatched light patterns and soft white ovals on top. This shows a contrast between detail and damage – representing the beautiful detail of the palaces, crossed with the areas of graffiti or damage. I’m pleased with the affect of layering and soft light created by the spray paint but I think I should have made the over all painting more vibrant and representational of the colours in Marrakesh.

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Painting inspired by these images:


After the previous piece I wanted to add vibrancy so I focused on the soft orange-pink colour that covers the buildings and walls of Morocco – picked to reflect the sunlight and keep houses cool. This colour matched beautifully with the lush green of the plants. First I painted a representation of the plant above using lose detail. I then took ideas from the stickers used to graffiti the walls of Bahia Palace – not wanting to steal the designs used – to add contrast to the detail and natural essence of the leaves. Here it shows layers and collaging, a contrast between real living nature and the representation of it (shown in the yellow, designed leafs) and a sense of chaos and depth.

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I love this composition, really showing the vibrancy and complex environment of morocco – the way it is difficult to represent the atmosphere in one single image. This shows similarities to the drawings I create whilst there too.

Both of these painting are created in acrylic on canvas. Both canvas were painting with a thick, textured layer of paint before. I wanted to add another layer of detail because the first soft, detailed layer of paint. This represents the subtle appearance of craftsmanship in the art and design in Morocco – the detailed hand-crafted tiles that show the imperfectness in the edges – the combination between perfection and imperfection, natural and man-made.


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